VIP Spring 2016 Sample Sale

One Week ONLY! Style for a steal 50% to 80% OFF!!

Sale Details----

It's that time again!! As new items arrive, we have to say goodbye to a few of our fav's!

So for one week only I'm selling of my in box Samples at 50% - 80% OFF. These are crazy deals and you will not see these pieces again, as they are retired.

****There's one ONE of each item, and once it's gone - it's gone. So if you see something you love, message me right away! (Contact info is found at the bottom of the page) ****

You can pay by cash, email transfer or credit card. Shipping extra. No Refunds or Exchanges. All sales are final.

Happy Shopping!!

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Medina Bib Necklace ----- SOLD!

REG $98------ SALE $49

This beauty has been a favourite of mine for years and a definite go to for Stampede week. Hard to let her go but I know she'll go to a great home!!!

Gabrielle Pearl Necklace

REG. $74------ SALE $35

Worn long or short this piece is a classic with a twist!

Trinity Pendant Necklace - Silver

REG. $74------ SALE $30

Two necklaces, Four charms and MULTIPLE ways to wear it! This is a delicate lovers dream.

The Sutton - White Stone

REG. $188------ SALE $94

This necklace has my heart. I swore I would never part with her but I think the time has come...... This stunning necklace can be worn SOOO many ways and is such a beautiful Spring and Summer necklace. Wear it with a cute maxi dress, a pair of jeans or even your favourite show stopping dress out on the town.

"How Does She Do It" Bag - Painted Zebra --SOLD!

REG. $94 ------ SALE $40

The Shift Bag

REG. $208 ------- SALE $104

This purse is "the dream"!!!!! First of all the black cutout print is gorgeous and eye catching. Then there's this magical little clutch that unzips from the front to be worn alone. It's the perfect day to night back for a day at work, and drinks with the girls afterwards -OR- an amazing piece to bring anywhere you travel for the perfect two in one.

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Amity Drop Earrings ---- SOLD!

REG. $39------ SALE $17

Light Bracelet ---- SOLD!

REG. $24 ------- SALE $10

Goddess Teardrop Earrings - GOLD

REG. $39 ------ SALE $16

Goddess Teardrop Earrings - SILVER

REG. $39 ------ SALE $16
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Dorothy Pearl Studs

REG. $26 ------ SALE $10

Phoebe Bracelet ------ SOLD!

REG. $32 ------ SALE $15

Reverie Chandalier Earrings

REG. $44------ SALE $20

Soiree Studs ---- SOLD!

REG. $26 ------ SALE $12

Amelie Sparkle Bracelet - SILVER --- SOLD!

REG. $44 ------ SALE $20

Remy Wrap - Black & Silver ---- SOLD!

REG. $44 ------ $22

Rebel Cluster - GOLD

REG. $84 ------ SALE $42

This Necklace is still active in our collection and has not retired. However, I'm making space for new pieces so it needs a few home!

Hudson Leather Wrap - Red ----- SOLD!!

REG.$44 ------SALE $15

Christina Link - SILVER ----- SOLD!

REG. $54------ SALE $22

Capri Pouch ---- SOLD!

REG. $39 ----- SALE $15

Capri Wrap - Glow Pink Stripe

REG. $64 ------ SALE $25

Elodie Necklace

REG. $94 ------ SALE $40

Jardin Earrings

REG. $54 ------ SALE $20

These stunners are versatile. They unclip and can be worn just as studs.

Jackie Link Bracelet

REG. $74 ------ $30

Haven Ring

REG. $36 - $12

Rebel Pendant Gold

REG. $84 - SALE $20

This necklace is worn by SOOO many celebs and is in SOOO many fashion mags. This piece has a few small scratches on the pendant which is why it is priced so low.
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Devon Chandalier Earrings

REG. $36 - SALE $10

Juniper Statement Necklace

REG. $84 - SALE $25