Ruby's Perspective

By: Aliyyah Smith

Today some people came to the Big Top Mall to check me out, I think. The whole time I was afraid and anxious. The lady that came to check me out lead me to a box with an apple in it. I swear this was an awkward day. Every time I touched the box, I heard a clicking noise, and then the lady gave me a treat. That is magical box that makes a clicking noise and makes the lady give me yummy treats. I have to say the whole thing was weird but I like the treats. When I got back to my domain, Ivan said something to me. He told me that I might be taken to a zoo. I wish I could be happy about it, but I never thought that I would be taken away from Ivan and Bob. All day long I was feeling blue,worried, and flabbergasted. I stayed up all night not able to sleep. I wasn't the only one awake though. I saw Ivan and Juila say their last goodbye. I wish I said goodbye, but I was too afraid that it could mean forever.
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