Fan of Nicole?

see her most memrable experiences in maui hawii!

Boogie boarding/beach

Your first stop in Maui is the beach by the resort hotel she stayed at (kaanapali beach). experience first hand the thrill and fun of boogie boarding just as Nicole did. feel the cool water on your toes and feet and the hot sun resting its rays on your back, feel the thrill of catching your first wave and having the water carry you all the way up to shore. This is not only Nicole's favorite and most memorable memory here in Maui but it will also be yours too!

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Zipline threw a memrable moment in maui hawii

What better way to see all of Maui through the eyes of Nicole than actually go on the same ziplining course she went on! On this ziplining course Nicole learned how to take a leap of faith.... literally a leap of faith, you stand on a long wooden board and when your ready you take a leap and hope you make it to the other side! But don't worry you will! Not only is this a way to get a adrenalin rush but it will take your breath away with its beautiful views. On top of Mount Kahalawai you will be flying across its valley's and seeing the views of the green trees and beautiful and bright flowers beneath you. while the entire time seeing the view of the beautiful bright blue north pacific ocean! N.p., n.d. Web.

going into town !

Not a thrill seeker? well than this might just be the thing for you. While in Maui Nicole got a really bad case of food poisoning she was unable to do anything but as soon as she felt good enough to walk around she went into town *fun fact she was sick for 4 days!* Going into town you will experience a place full of life, fun, and so many things to buy! the main and favorite place in town Nicole went to was the shaved Ice shop! here Nicole had her first Hawaiian specialty banana and pineapple shaved ice. refresh yourself in 30 different flavors and sit down and listen to the beautiful Hawaiian band that plays in the store! feel at ease and close your eyes and take in beautiful Hawaii in a way you never have.
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