Learning Commons

"If you can imagine it, you can create it" ~ R. Steele

Taking the Lead in Library Collaboration

Today's leading libraries are centers of innovation, collaboration and inquiry-based learning. Endless rows of bookcases have scaled down for rolling tech-tables, portable white boards, and easily accessible charging units. These additions are only a few of the features that offer students flexible yet comfortable spaces for creative problem solving, access to high speed research, and areas for collaborative innovation. Library cultures are changing to embrace a thriving environment with differentiated learning areas for all.

Advantages of Learning Commons

  • Develops a Community Culture
  • Provides Collaboration space for students and teachers
  • Integrates Innovation with Creative Ideas
  • Utilizes Space for Student Achievement
  • Fosters Inquiry Based Problem Solving Skills
  • Encourages Student Engagement

Our Common Goal Project

Help fund more learning commons for our students. Visit your school Media Center to support the "Our Common Goal" project.

Support Your Local Library Learning Commons

  • Share your knowledge on career day
  • Volunteer tech services
  • Adopt a Learning Common
  • Sponsor a Fund Raiser