Sparta Home For Sale!

By David Blaeser

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Welcome To Sparta!

Sparta's Different Classes

  • Aristocats (Highest Class)
  • Medics (Middle Class)
  • Freedmen (Lower Class)
  • Slaves/Servents (Lowest Class)

Sparta's Jobs

  • Military Leaders
  • Doctors
  • Farmers
  • Teachers
  • Soilders
  • Fishermen


  • Children must be placed in the military at the age of 7
  • Surrendering is the ultimate disgrace
  • All people of Sparta must learn how to fight
  • Girls must go to seperate schools as the boys
  • Men can only live with their wife after the age of thirty
  • If a man is murdered the victim's family is allowed to kill him/her

About our Government

Our form of government is Oligarchy. Our government consists of retired military leaders. Our government is very powerful and has a lot of influence on other city-states. Our government has the best military tactics in all of Greece.

Worried About Other Neighboring City-States?

If you are worried about neighboring city-states don't be. We currently have the largest and most powerful standing army in all of Greece. We have such a powerful army that almost all of the city-states want to be our allies. People cower in fear at the sight of our army.


  • Amazing Beaches
  • Magnificent Architecture
  • Beautiful Mountains
  • Great Fishing
  • Theaters
  • Colerful Gardens

Why Sparta?

Sparta is a great place to live and feel protected from other city-states. All people recieve military training so you can protect yourself when needed. We have the most powerful army in all of Greece. We also have the most influential government in all of Greece. Our goal is to never loss to another city-state and always win wars.