arthur currie


Did you know that Arthur Currie was known as one of the greatest military strategists of World War I?

When Arthur Currie was in his late teens he moved to British Columbia. In British Columbia, he joined the military where he rose to be commanding officer of his unit. In 1917, he was promoted to the rank of general and was put in command of the Canadian Corps.
Under his leadership, the Canadian Corps never lost a battle. Because of his efforts, the Canadian Corps became known as an elite fighting force. They were called on to fight in many major battles. He was the first Canadian to achieve this rank as general. He was also the first and only Canadian to be put in charge of the Canadian soldiers.
In September 1914, Currie became commander of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade. Currie was meticulous In planning battle strategies. He also believed a well-organized plan of attack was the way to win a battle.