Let's Book Up July!!!

A Busy Summer = An Amazing Fall


Don't let the summer slip away with out a lot of trunk shows. July and August are super important is setting up a successful Fall. Summer is about having creative trunk shows. How about a Dot Dollar Redemption Trunk Show, a Jewels by the Pool, Sangria & Style, or even a Show On The Go- while on vacation. Reach Out to Teachers who have time to host during the summer, Stay at home Moms who can do a daytime or a happy hour show, or try to do a Happy Hour at someone's office!! So many ways to book up July- JUST GET CREATIVE!!


Follow Up Is Everything

Customer Service is not being pushy. Sending an email like the one below tonight to let your June customers know that their Dot Dollar coupon codes will be delivered tonight is Great customer service. Making sire you are available as much of the day as possible to help customers is also Great Customer service. - CHECK YOU EMAIL FREQUENTLY. If somebody is ready to place an order, but having trouble you want to be there to help them ASAP. Then on Wednesday send an email to EVERYONE with their coupon codes on the email (this could take a little while to send an individual one to everyone- but well worth the effort put in)- the email could just say "It's your personal stylist- Katie Bullen. I just anted to make sure you received your coupon codes for your FREE credits to shop with this week. You can shop directly through my website or contact me for help placing your order. AGAIN- Great Customer Service! And then again on the 14th send a reminder to the customers who have not used their Dot Dollars yet, letting them know they are about to expire. AGAIN GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Effort In = Results Out
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Set Your Sights On Glam Getaway

Come Up With a Plan to win the Glam Getaway Incentives!! Do you want to hit Level 2, Level 3, level 4??? Set up a plan and take it into action. I am loving the quickstart level by getting 2500pts. by August 31st. Here is a great example of a plan one of our stylists came up with!
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Still time to qualify for our Kelly & Michael Incentive

Win a trip to NYC for a night and a Live taping of Kelly & Michael. Anyone who sponsors 2+ people between June and July and helps them both qualify ($500 retail sales in a month) will win a night in NYC on August 3rd and then get to go to a Live taping of Kelly & Michael. If we have more than 3 people who qualify the tie breaker will go to whoever's new stylists have sold the most! Hannah Stratton, Josephine Petterson, and Molly Brant have all already sponsored 2+ and now are helping their stylists get qualified. Who else wants to be in this exclusive group? You can still join them. Share the opportunity with all past hostesses, teachers, facebook friends, and anyone you think would make a great stylist. Be honest with them. Let them know why You love being a stylist and why you think they would make a great stylist too!
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