Mrs. G's Classroom News

February 27, 2015

Classroom Management

We've had a pretty good full week. I am exhausted, but very happy with the improvement in behavior. We even got to go outside a few times! We all look forward to spring when I know we won't feel so cooped up anymore. Mr. Yates has been helping third grade quite a bit with behavior issues this year. The new plan is that the students get one warning each day and if the negative behavior continues they are sent to his office for a write up that is required to be signed by parents. So far this seems to be helping tremendously!

Language Arts

We put writing workshop on hold for this week so we could get the rest of our science unit in before the trimester is over. We will start our realistic fiction writing next week, Monday. Skills student will experience in this unit are creating believable characters, making a story plan with a conflict for the characters that needs to be solved, and include words and phrases that signal when something happens.

We worked on unit 16 in spelling this week. I am hoping that all students are at least close to finishing this unit up before next week. Ask your student if he/she needs to accomplish some activities at in order to keep up the pace with the rest of the class. We also studied irregular verbs for our language common core skill. This was a little difficult for many students to grasp and we will continue to practice. The stations we experienced were fun. We also studied the "tough group" spelling words this week. We have had a lesson similar like this before in the school year. It can never hurt to review it again!

We finally finished our Mystery book clubs. This last round was brutal due to all the snow days and vacation. We finished our final detective case report and look forward to reading a choice book or two that we love. We will be creating an awesome type of book report as we learn specific comprehension and fluency skills with this next unit. I will be reading the book called, "Frindle" as an anchor text. One of my favorites!


We worked on the first few lessons of unit 6 this week. We have discovered that geometry has a lot of vocabulary words that we need to learn. Some that we went over this week were: line, line segment, rays, intersecting lines, intersecting rays, right angle, vertex, side, equilateral triangle, and many more! To reinforce lessons in this unit, you can have your child practice their geometry skills on the third grade tab under the word "geometry" @ Unit 6 will continue through next week.

Lansing Fieldtrip

We had a wonderful time and I was so proud of my students for demonstrating such self control and great behavior while touring the State Capitol and the Michigan Historical Museum. Thank you chaperones!

Science and Social Studies

We are closing up both units in both subjects Monday. We have two tests in one day, but I know they are ready! Please see study guides and materials to review briefly with your child this weekend. Mr. Yates will be coming to third grade next week to share his rock collection. We can't wait!

March is Reading Month

Third grade is ready for a month of great reading! We are going to participate in the school wide event, but we decided to put a little twist on the theme because we wanted to incorporate an upcoming field trip and animal adaptation science unit. We plan to take the whole grade level to MJR theaters to the Disney Nature Film "Monkey Kingdom" compliments of our PTO. This movie is a non-fiction narrative film that will provide our students with lessons on how animals adapt in the wild today and entertain them at the same time! Third graders are going to go BANANAS over reading so they can eventually earn popcorn and pop at this event. The goal is to read 25 minutes each week night for four weeks. Every 25 minutes they read they can color a banana on their banana sheet. Then when their sheet is complete they bring it to school and receive a prize from the media center and a monkey for our third grade hallway bulletin board. IF they earn 4 monkeys for the month of March they will get pop and popcorn at our movie! We are excited about this and appreciate help at home! The banana sheets will be in your child's Friday folder today. Happy reading!
Monkey Kingdom Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Disneynature Documentary HD

More Upcoming Events

Monday March 2 - Read in and BYOD (for part of the day)

March 4th - No School Records Day

March 6th - Rollerama

March 11th - Ann Arbor Conductor visits

March 12th - Popcorn Day

March 31st - Third Grade Music Night