Special Education News Update

March 21, 2016

Have a MAGNIFICENT week!!

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Happy Spring!!!

Progress Reports - Due Today!!!

In order to ensure consistency with our procedures across grade levels and buildings, we are being asked to complete IEP Progress Reports by March 21. At the K-5 level, all printed progress reports will be given to the general education teacher to send home with the rest of the information packet and report card. If you are emailing progress reports to parents, you may continue to do so, but also email your progress reports to the general education teacher. We are working on how to access general education report cards. In the meantime, feel free to ask for a copy of the report card.


Please write IEPs that are parent friendly. Please refrain from using acronyms and special education jargon (wpm, ORF, MNF).

Please spell out what each student's instructional level are in the goals (ex. By June 2016, Bobby will read 75 words per minute from (his instructional level) 3rd grade level materials).


ESY documentation/applications are due by Spring Break! Please let me know if you have anyone you are considering for ESY!

Just because "parents really want it" does not qualify a student for ESY.

You must provide data to support the need for ESY.

OT/PT Monitoring

Please let Sharon and Lenie know about IEPs for kids who get OT/PT monitoring (PLEASE invite them)!!


All IEPs must have an Eval Team Rep listed on the Participants (front) Page. Easy way to do this: It if is an Annual, the casemanager is the Eval Rep. If it is a 3 Year, the SLP, TC, Psych can be the Eval Rep.


Delete all Sign in and Notice pages that are attached to the Amendment from the original IEP (they are no longer relevant). Molly will include a new Notice Page for the Amendment with the Amendment date on it.

Amendment Notification Process is the same as a regular IEP. Change it to review and notify Molly in Tienet that it is ready to be processed.

Important Information:


  • When uploading documents such as the Notice Page, please remember to include both pages to the document.


  • Only one purpose can be checked on the REED. Either check ongoing (if not questioning eligibility) or check change (if questioning eligibility even if you don't end up changing the eligibility).
  • Check the change eligibility box if there is a possibility that the student may no longer qualify (regardless if that is what the team ultimately decides or not).
  • A REED does need to be completed if adding or removing services.


  • To create an Amendment, click on the latest finalized version of the document, go to more options (in the finalized document) and click create revision. The purpose will pop up as Amendment. List sections that will be amended, the date, and put a statement in the Other Considerations Page that clearly states the date you did the amendment, what you did and why.

Case Manager Changes:

  • If an IEP has a change in case manager, please make a note when notifying Molly that the document is finished

Notice Page

  • Please DO NOT put Full Time Special Education/Full Time General Education on the notice page as options considered (unless you truly did consider those as options)

Students Transitioning to New Buildings in the Fall

  • Please remember to include the programs and services for the next building on your IEP and invite relevant staff to your meeting

Medicaid Letter/Notice in Tienet:

  • Scan and email signed Medicaid Form (initials and transfers from out of county) to Diane Thomas (thomasdiane@comstockps.org). Do not upload to Tienet yourself.


Happy Birthday! (March)






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Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • March 21, 2016 3rd Trimester Begins
  • March 23, 2016 PLC
  • April 1-10 Spring Break
  • April 21, 2016 1/2 Day/Conferences
  • April 27, 2016 PLC
  • May 30, 2016 Memorial Day
  • June 14,15 2016 1/2 Day/EXAMS
  • June 16, 2016 Last Teacher Day