Mrs. Parks's Newsletter

The Second Grade Scoop

March 18, 2016

English/Language Arts (ELA)


What does it mean for something, someplace or someone to be unique?

This Week:

We continued to do whole class read-alouds of different Cinderella stories. We learned to use a key word to help with retelling the beginning, middle, and end of the story using pourquoi stories. We also compared and contrasted the setting and events from different pourquoi stories.

Next Week:

We will learn how folktales help us learn a lesson. We will also continue to compare and contrast events and settings of different stories and also continue to read different Cinderella stories. This will prepare us for writing our own Cinderella stories, which is coming soon!


Next Week:

There will be no spelling next week because of the short week.


This week:

We used dominoes to illustrate the point that if a part is missing, the whole won't work. We also made physical changes to clay to show that no matter what kind of physical changes you make to clay (push, pull, twist, etc.) it's still clay. See below for some pictures from our investigation.

Next week:

We will work with bubbles! Students will do an investigation to determine if the shape of the bubble wand will determine the shape of the bubble blown. We will use this as our STEM fair presentation.

Star Student!

Vivi! You have been putting forth your best effort and working hard! Way to go Wise Westy!

Generations Day

We had a fantastic turnout for Generations Day! Thank you to all the special visitors that made it in today. I have included some photos, but space is limited so I could not include all photos. If you would like me to email you a photo that I took, please send me an email and I will gladly forward it to you.


  • Spring Break - Friday, March 25 to Sunday, April 3
  • End of 3rd Quarter/School Closes 3 Hours Early - Friday, April 8
  • Report Cards Distributed - Thursday, April 21
  • Primary Election Day- School Closed - Tuesday, April 26
  • Westy Walk - Sunday, May 1


Here's a note from our nurse, Ms. Vanderwal about lice:

The County is seeing an increase in lice in our schools. These little things have even made it into the news…”Super Lice” is here. Please check your child’s head this weekend. I’m attaching a website from the CDC that will show you what you are looking for.

Please share with your children not to put their heads next to any other child. With the increased use of the computer and cell phones, head to head contact has increased. For those of you with lovely daughters that have long hair, please encourage them to wear their hair up.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Lisa van der Wal, RN

School Nurse

West Towson Elementary

410-887-8037 – phone

410-887-8037 - fax

Box Tops

  • Box Top collection is ongoing. Feel free to send yours in at any time. We have a container at school to keep them in until counting time.

Volunteer Training

You must be volunteer trained for the 2015-2016 school year in order to volunteer in your child’s classroom or attend a fieldtrip. Even if you have been volunteer trained in the past, you MUST be volunteer trained each new school year.

Volunteer training is online again this year! You can go online and complete the training on your own time that matches your schedule. Once you have completed the online volunteer training, you need to print out and bring in the certificate and application to school to be checked and signed. Please allow at least 24 hours from the time the office receives the form for the form to be processed in the front office.

If you would like to contact me, here’s how:

Phone: 410-887-3869
Write me: Write a note and include it in your child's gold folder or assignment book.