One room school houses

Teachers, and more


Most kids went to a one room school house in the 1800 thats were they ate lunch that's were they learned every thing you do they went in a one room school house that can hold 40 children or more they were in the same class as pre k through 8th grade.
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Teachers were very special back in the day the parents payed the teachers to teach there kids teacher kept children like a mother hen she would come early and fix the fire and make soup sometime but she was also mean she smacked there hands withe rulers and spanked the kids like moms would do to you if you did something wrong.

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Kids where at school 9:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock there recess was 1 hour and there lunch was 15 minutes they walked or they took a horse to and from home or there mom/dad brought them to school and/or picked them
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Kids got punished from skipping school,talking why the teacher was talking,etc. they got punished by getting smacked by a ruler on the butt or hand,etc
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