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October 18, 2020


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Roadrunners, We Are Proud of YOU!

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10/23--On Campus Picture Day

10/26--Apex backpack pick up- Make up Day

10/26--Virtual and Homeschool Picture Day--Details to follow


10/30--Halloween Costume Day

Roadrunner News


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Friday, October 23rd (In Person Learners)

Photos will take place during both AM and PM Sessions during your student's class. Parents-you don't need to do anything other than sending your child to school ready to smile!

October 26th (Virtual Learners/PHEP Homeschool)

Families need to sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d48aba62baaf9c25-westwood to reserve a spot for picture day. If you have multiple children please reserve a spot for each child. Pictures will be taken in the MPR. Parents will not be allowed into the MPR but can walk their child to the door and wait outside. Masks are required (students will take them off for the pictures) and please follow social distancing guidelines.

Halloween is ON!!

Students will be able to wear costumes and have a little fun. Our students should adhere to the standards of appropriate dress for a regular school day: wear shoes (no high heels), no bare midriffs, etc. It is important to remember that we have very young children on campus that would be easily frightened by scary or gory costumes, Students should not wear imitation bloody clothes or horror masks. Students should not bring swords, imitation guns, pirate hooks, knives or weapons of any kind. Please, no inflatable costumes this year. Safety mask will need to be worn in lieu of costume masks.

Safety Reminder

The safety of your children is very important to us!! Please pull up to the curb to pick up your children. Children then go from the curb directly into their cars. Parents should remain in their cars. Cars cannot pick up from the passing lane. If walking, please use the sidewalk. Do not walk through the parking lot, as it is not safe due to passing traffic. With this in mind, parking in the lot is also not encouraged.

When dropping off students, students should exit the car from the right hand side. Parents should remain in their cars. Please do not park and let your students out in the parking lot.

Let's work together to keep our students safe!!


Attention fourth and fifth graders: Do you like helping other students? Do you have ideas to make Westwood even more awesome? Join Student Council and represent your class! Student Council will meet virtually after school to accommodate both hybrid and VLA schedules. Please submit an online application by Monday, October 26th telling us why you would be an excellent student leader at our school. Two students from each fourth and fifth grade class will be selected and notified by Monday, Nov. 2nd. Fifth graders who served on Student Council are automatically invited to rejoin Student Council this year but must submit an application. For any questions, please email Mrs. Varga at rvarga@powayusd.com.

Health and Safety Agreement

In order for your child to continue attending school on campus, you must read and acknowledge the Health and Safety Agreement. If you have not completed this yet, please press the button below to complete this document. No printing required.

Health Office Notes

Please remember to be proactive and prescreen your student at home prior to leaving for school. If your child has any of the following symptoms, please keep them at home. If your child has developed any one of the symptoms below while at school, they must be sent home immediately. Parent(s) will be notified to pick up their student immediately.

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Per the CDC Guidelines: The individual may return based on one of the following:

a) 10 days from the day symptom(s) first appeared, AND improved symptoms and no fever (or fever reducing meds) for the last 24 hours.

b) With proof of negative PCR COVID viral test, may return after 3 days if all symptoms are fully resolved; or after 10 days from the day symptom(s) first appeared, AND improved symptoms and no fever (or fever reducing meds) for the last 24 hours.

c) A signed note from a licensed MD, DO, NP, or PA (who manages that condition) must: confirm the chronic diagnosis (i.e., cites labs, date-of record when diagnosed); include provider’s contact information; explain how symptoms are unrelated to COVID-19; and be accompanied by signed consent for school to interact with MD, DO, NP, or PA.

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Masks versus Gators

Thank you for your patience as we navigate our understanding and figure out what masks work best for students. Following the district guidelines, gators are allowed if they are two layers and stay up in the correct position. We ask students to check if they are two layers thick. So far we have only seen one that is in fact two layers thick. We do have plenty of masks available for students as do classroom teachers. We have both paper masks (similar to medical masks) and cloth masks.


Oct. 12-16, 2020

Storytime with Mrs. Whitelock. To appreciate books, learn how they're made from start to finish. You'll have fun reading this book written by Mac Barnett, author of many children’s books including, "Extra Yarn." And you'll love the illustrations by Adam Rex, who is known for his wonderful illustrations of children's books such as the "Legend of Rock Paper Scissors” which won the 2020 California Young Reader Medal for Picture Book Category. Enjoy the next read aloud here. Share it with your children.

Ever wonder how a book is made? Watch this video. It’s fascinating!

Ready to take a library book home? Mo Willems is very popular here at Westwood. I hope you get a chuckle by watching this short video on how to take care of books. Here are some friendly reminders for you to review with your child before they take home a library book. Doing your part to take care of books will ensure we have many books for others to enjoy. Please review this with your child:

  • Keep their library books in a plastic zip lock bag to prevent water and food spills from damaging books.

  • Keep library books in backpacks so they always have it when they need it traveling to and from school.

  • Keep library books away from younger siblings who may not understand how to be careful with a library book.

  • Keep library books away from pets.

  • Remember! Don’t let the pigeon touch the books!

Did you get an email notification that your child hasn’t returned their library book from last year? For your child’s account to be in good standing when library services resume, please return all library books. There will be a box in front of the library doors for your convenience Monday-Friday 7:45-2:15 or you can try the school office.

Lose a library book? Here are some Tips for Finding Missing Library Books to help you locate that book so your child’s account is in good standing.

For library policies, here’s everything you need to know about library overdues, fines and check in procedures.

Need ideas for books? Here are some resources:

Destiny Discover

Westwood Elementary Canvas Course

Keep up to date on what the library has to offer and enjoy weekly read alouds by joining Mrs. Whitelock’s Google classroom.

Here’s an invite code:

Would you like to donate a book to the library? Many books never came back and were lost due to the school shut down in the spring. Support the library and your childs’ love of ready. It makes a difference! Check out our Amazon Wish List.

Please look for upcoming information about library services. Questions? Please email me at nwhitelock@powayusd.com

Mrs. Nancy Whitelock, Librarian at Westwood Elementary

PTA Membership

The year may look different but Westwood still needs you! Join the PTA so we can all work together to make this year the best possible.

For more information and to join, please press the button below


Have you uploaded any school photos yet for the yearbook?

Now is the time and here is the link.

Be sure to order your 2020-21 yearbooks today here . There is a 5% discount if you order by October 31st! Use passcode: 1015978769242468

Or scan here: