8th Grade Math

Newsletter: December 2015

What's going on in 8th grade math?

The 8th graders have been having fun learning about scatter plots. They started off creating scatter plots with M&M's while learning about relationships between variables and what kind of correlations they make. They learned that there are positive correlations, such as grades and study times. Negative correlations: like working out and waist size, and no correlation: like ring size and colors in the rainbow. Then, they got to create a school-wide 8th grade scatter plot that displays the correlation between their height and shoe size. Ask them about it, I bet they'd love to share what they have learned.

Tomorrow we will start reviewing for our semester exam / benchmark test. Most of our reviewing will be done in class, in the form of stations, where the teachers can check for understanding and get an idea of what we need to concentrate on to be successful. I will be sending home some extra worksheets from each unit ( with answer keys) for anyone wanting to do some extra practice at home.

This first semester is going fast. The kids have put in some hard work and I bet their semester exam grades will show it!

Important dates to remember

Final Exams are coming up. Here is a schedule of how they will go.

Tuesday, December 15th- 1st and 2nd period

Wednesday, December 16th- 3rd, 5th, and 6th periods

Thursday, December 17th- 4th and 7th periods

Thursday December 17th, we will also have a small Paws for fun at the end of the day and early release at 1:30

Scatter Plots and Equations of Lines by Shmoop