Special Education News Update

May 9, 2016

Have a Healthy Week!!

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IEP Participation

For students who participated in the IEP process, please include the statement in the Other Comments Section of the IEP:

"Suzy participated in her IEP by....(stating her strengths, talking about her transition goals, communicating a need for supports)"

Important Information:

State Assessments:

  • K-2: Include in OTHER COMMENTS section: If State Assessments are required at this grade level in the 2016-2017 school year, accommodations will be provided as listed on Supplemental Supports page of this IEP.

Running IEP Meetings:

  • Please be sure to cover all sections of the IEP, including the disability area the child qualifies in and the amount of time they are educated with non-disabled peers

Spring/Fall IEPs:

  • IEPs completed to get ready for new school year

    • If student transitioning to new building, and IEP due by Oct 30, have IEP in Spring (now)

    • If student is not transitioning to new building and has RR(+), and IEP due by Oct 15, have IEP in Spring


  • A REED is needed for adding or removing services on program and services page
  • A REED is not needed for adding or removing services on supplemental aids page - If you are adding services, document the need in the PLAAFP. If you are removing services, document current levels in plaafp to indicate discontinuation of support.

Spring Tea

Please join us May 12 at 4:15pm for the Spring Tea!! We will be celebrating our very own Liz Walbridge and Tammy Geik for 20 years of service! We will be celebrating Karen Fisher for 30 years of service! Thank you all!!!

Great Work!!! Keep it up!!!

Notice Page

  • Thank you!! You all are doing a fantastic job of not puting Full Time Special Education/Full Time General Education on the notice page as options considered (unless you truly did consider those as options).
  • Great job documenting the options you truly did consider!!!


Happy Birthday! (May)

13 Theresa DeYoung

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • May 30, 2016 Memorial Day
  • June 14,15 2016 1/2 Day/EXAMS
  • June 16, 2016 Last Teacher Day
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