Gangs and Drugs Abuse

By: Fetty/ Jamorie


There are Gangs called Crib, Blood and, Monfeun. People join Gangs to be cool and get money and stuff like. But u should say no to Gangs if one of your friends ask u to join one. But if he say U can be cool and all that u still say NO! So don't be in a Gang cause u can get in a lot of trouble.


Drugs is bad for u. U should never do Drugs cause u can die from Drugs. If u see a friend u tell them not to Drugs cause it is bad for u. But, if they say no than just let it be. But, if a friend ask u smoke weed or coco say no. But, if they say it well make u fell good do listen to them and say no and leave. But, u say yes your the dum dum to do it with them.

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