The Southern Colonies

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland


  • Georgia was founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe and was named after King James II
  • It was first established to be a safe haven for debtors in England and also as a buffer between the Spanish in Florida and the English to the north
  • They made the majority of their income from rice, though they did export some silk and wine
  • Georgia was governed by a body called a Trust made of members called Trustees. It was at first a Penal colony then made a Royal in 1755
  • When the first colonist came over in 1733 there were 117 that arrived
  • There were many Native American tribes in Georgia at the time including the Apalachee, Choctaw, Cherokee and the Yamasee
  • Anglican was the religion at the time
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South Carolina

  • South Carolina was founded in 1663 after it split from the colony of Carolina which was formed by King George II and named in honor of his father Charles I
  • It was formed when they split from North Carolina, both were formed so that the king could have more land in America
  • They made their income from rice and indigo which was used to color textiles
  • South Carolina was made a proprietary colony by the king when it was formed and were governed by eight noblemen
  • There were many Native American tribes in South Carolina such as the Catawba, Cherokee, Eno, Pedee, and the Santee to name a few
  • Anglican was their religion
  • Many of the people living here had came up from the West Indies and the island of Barbados

North Carolina

  • North Carolina was formed in 1653 as a proprietary colony by King George II
  • There income came from naval stores; tar, turpentine and pitch, which were used in ship building
  • It was governed by eight noblemen sent by the king
  • Aside from the few German settlers that came to the Carolina's, the other settlers were from places like the West Indies and Barbados
  • The Carolina's stretched all the way from the coast to the Mississippi river
  • The Carolina's had many conflicts with Native American tribes as they thought they could wipe them all out, they found out this was not very easy, especially with tribes such as the Cherokee, Tuscarora, Roanoke, Savannah, and the Waxhaw
  • Just as in South Carolina, their religion was mainly Anglican
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  • Was founded in 1607 by John Smith in Jamestown as a corporate colony then into a royal colony, and was founded as one of the first places to set up in the New World
  • Their cash crop was tobacco, and a lot of it, they produced so much tobacco they caused the price to go down severely
  • There form of government was the House of Burgeeses which was a legislative assembly
  • The first journey with colonists coming to Jamestown had 144 people on it, but after the first two starving winters the population started to really grow
  • There were very serious issues with the Native American group called the Powhatan Confederacy, which they waged two wars against them, 1610-1614 and 1622-1644
  • They were Anglican like most of the other Southern states
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  • Maryland was founded in 1634 by George Calvet (Lord Baltimore) as a proprietary colony
  • Like in Virginia, tobacco was their main crop and source of income
  • They had around 400 something people in the first few years they were there to nearly 30,000 at the beginning of the 1700s
  • King Charles I declared that the Maryland charter were to eliminate the Native Americans such as the Yaocomico, Shawnee, Nanticoke, Choptank, and the Powhatan
  • Concerning religion they were open to all Christians, they also were the first to open up to Catholics and not persecute them
  • They also had the first public education system in the Southern states
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