Fourth Grade

A Couple of Notes

Hello Bridges Parents

A few items for you to know.

Reading & Writing

We started grammar and Word Study today. Word Study is their spelling words. There are eight of them, all hyphenated compound words. All of the words are written in student planners for the week. We will have a couple of activities here to do with spelling during reading time. I am also sending an activity home every week that is just for you and your child at home if you wanted to use it. It is not homework and does not need to come back to school. You will see at the top where it says Parent Directions in bold. This does not need to be returned.


Unit 1 is almost complete and then I will be collecting math journals from students to correct math boxes. Every day we do a lesson and there is a math box and study link that is due the following day. So, after today math boxes should be completed up to lesson 1.7.

Our math tests this year are a little different. They are a lot like the "Open Response" that came at the end of our regular tests in the past. I am expecting there to be some growing pains with this new style of test. It isn't as cut and dry and requires more explaining on the part of the student.

History Fest

Two forms are coming home for History Fest. One is a sign up for chaperoning and lunch choice. The other form is a waiver to complete before we go to History Fest. Please return both forms by the 27th of September.


Thank you for everything and enjoy your evening. Don't forget tomorrow is our first late start!


Jeremy Olson