Region 14 MTM

Math Teacher Mentor


The content goals for the 2016-2017 school year are algebraic and proportional reasoning for grades 6-8. Algebra and proportional reasoning professional development will include the understanding of problem structures and student strategies to guide instruction and focus on the grade 6-8 TEKS.

Benefits to participating MTMs include:

  • Sustained and high quality professional development including trainings focused on TEKS, proven instructional practices, and technology use (CBRs, iPads, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, Texas Instruments calculators, etc.)

  • Teacher supplies that support the TRC trainings (Supplies will include books, student supplies, TEKS resources, technology, etc.)

  • Stipend for attending the July Summer Institute as well as two additional stipends for meeting MTM benchmark requirements, for a total of at least $800

  • Registration reimbursement for attending CAMT

  • Substitute reimbursement to school districts for attended TRC PD during the school year

  • Networking opportunities with other regional math teachers

  • Mentoring of teachers within the campus, district, and/or region

MTMs commit to…

  • Completing 100 hours of professional development over the summer and school year.

  • Attending a summer institute of at least 40 hours in the first summer of the grant period.

  • Completing both a pre-test and post-test of their content knowledge.

  • Providing support and mentoring for CMs on their campus or in their district to share what they have learned in the TRC.

  • Providing the TRC with classroom level STAAR data if applicable at the end of the school year. Data is reported at the classroom level and does not include any individually identifiable student information.

Telling Our Story - TRC 21st Annual Meeting 2015