Peter Jackson

Man behind the Camera

The Facts

Born: October 31, 1961

Where: Pukerua Bay, New Zealand

Married to Fran Walsh with two children

Still Kickin' it

Why He Choose Film

Young Peter Jackson enjoyed photography. It was not until a friend of his parents gave him a second hand camera that he and his friends began to make movies of their own. Jackson continued to make these short films with his friends all the way up to his first ¨real" movie, Bad Taste(1987). Which much like his others has a low budget and stared mostly locals, friends, and himself. This film included special effects that were extremely well done, considering his budget and some that were ridiculously comedic. Jackson was always really good with special effects, even when he was making short films as a teen, but now, at the age of twenty-two, his talent was discovered. A friend of Jackson was already working in the film industry and convinced him to have it shown at a festival, he gained much acclaim and later quit his job at a photography store and became a director. Later he made a name for himself in the horror movie industry after directing Dead Alive in 1992.

Trademarks in his movies

  • Know for ending his movies in epic bloodshed
  • Often sets his movies in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Writes Scripts with his wife
  • Axe wielding Characters
  • Films closeups with wide angles
  • Dark humor