Parent Peek at the Week

Week of September 14th, 2020

We've got this!

Hello Kawartha Heights families,

Our staff are so excited and ready to see your children - it seems unbelievable that it's been 6 months since we've seen their smiling faces. There is no doubt we have some challenges ahead, but we're also ready to tackle them! Please be sure to get in touch with any questions you may not see answered here. Previous editions of our Parent Peek at the Week have lots more start up information as well - if you don't see an answer here, please go back and take a re-read at the last few editions.

Take care and have a great return to school,

Mrs. Sampson

Important Dates

Monday, September 14 - Day 5

  • Students with last names A-L come to school

Tuesday, September 15 -Day 1

  • Students with last names M-Z come to school

Wednesday, September 16 - Day 2

  • Students with last names A-L come to school

Thursday, September 17 - Day 3

  • Students with last names M-Z come to school

Friday, September 18 - Day 4

  • ALL students attend school

Mask Protocol

Below, please find a copy of our KPR Mask Protocol. It has undergone several changes and revisions, and it may still change as the situation evolves. Here are some key points you need to know:

- students in Grades 4 to 6 are required to wear masks at school

- students in JK - Grade 3 are strongly encouraged to wear masks at school

- students will wear masks at all times inside the school, except when eating their lunch

- students will wear their masks outside, and then keep them in a pocket or around their upper arm (through the loops) until the recess bell rings

- masks must have loops over the ears (no gators)

- lanyards to keep masks around the neck are not allowed at school due to choking hazards

- we strongly encourage families to pack an extra mask in school bags in case one gets dirty, wet, etc. throughout the day.

Home Self-Screening Tool

This year, it is expected that each family refer to the Covid-19 self-assessment screening tool and make sure your child(ren) is well enough to attend school. If they show any of the symptoms listed below while at school, we will need to isolate them and call you to come pick them up immediately. Please help us keep everyone healthy and safe, by keeping your child(ren) home from school if they are feeling ill at all.
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Drop Off and Pick Up

Due to our COVID-19 restrictions, unfortunately we cannot welcome you into the school like we might have in the past.


When dropping off your child(ren), please do so at the back yard fence and have them come on to the yard by themselves. We are respectively asking that ONLY students are on the yard before and after school. Students can arrive between 8:45am and 9am and will go directly inside to their desks in their rooms. Please do NOT send students to school before 8:45am as there will be no supervision and doors will be locked.

If you happen to arrive late, then please have your child enter through the front doors - where Mrs. E. will meet them. If you would like to talk to anyone at the school, we ask that you make a phone or video appointment with us, but unless it's an emergency, do not come to the school at this time.


Students will be leaving the school building at the end of the day in a staggered way onto the yard. They will then leave the yard at the bell - meeting you on the outside of the gate. Please do not enter the yard this year when waiting to pick up your child.

We currently have 6 gates at our school:

- 1 at the top of the far yard off of Applewood

- 1 at the upper parking lot

- 2 by the bus pick up area

- 1 by the Kindergarten yard at the main entrance to the school

- 1 on the far south side of the school close to the mall

Below you will find pictures of each of the gates for your reference.

Please decide with your family, which gate is the best place to meet after school. There is no doubt that the 2 gates by the bus pick up area (Gates 4 and 5) are the busiest, and in order to ensure social distancing it will be important to use other gates as well. More information will be shared by your child's teacher.

Kindergarten families, please note:

- Ms. Richardson and Mrs. Charmley's class will be picked up at the Kindergarten gate by the front doors each day

- Ms. Bartlett and Ms. Jones' class will be picked up at the gate closest to the bus drop off area each day

We appreciate your support and understanding in helping us to develop these new routines.

Plans of Care - Medical Reasons

If your child has a Plan of Care - due to medical reasons - you will have already received an email from me with a draft of that plan to review. If your child has a medical condition that you don't think we're aware of, please contact me as soon as possible. It is important to us that we take care of your child for you when in our care - current and accurate information will help us to do that.

Seeing is believing.... check out our YouTube Channel!

We know how much it means to students to “see” what the school will look like when we come back to school. We have added several new videos to our school You Tube Channel...most recently tours of all of our classrooms. Take a peek below - or sign up for new content on our YouTube channel.
Welcome to Kindergarten
Welcome to our Primary Classrooms
Welcome to Junior

Information from our KPR Board Office

Please see the following information - sent to each family by email earlier this week:

Back to School Information Package

We have worked diligently to make our schools a safe place for all. Students will be seeing posters to remind them about physical distancing and health etiquette, while also experiencing some new protocols to support a safe return to school.

Here is a Back to School Slideshow about signage and protocols. Please click here to watch.

To learn more about each of the items listed below, please click on the attachment included with this message, or visit the Back to School Planning section of our website:

Morning Checklist - School morning routines might look a little different this year, so we have put together a checklist to help! In addition to getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing hair and teeth, families also need to think about a few other things, such as completing daily screening, packing masks, and performing frequent hand hygiene.

Daily Self-screening - Students and staff are required to complete a daily COVID self-screening prior to entering schools or any KPR place of work. The document below can be used for self-screening purposes. Do not send your child to school if the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the items. If your child has any of the symptoms identified, contact a health professional or complete the Ontario government’s online assessment ( ), and follow the next steps identified.

Mask Protocol – Read more about our schools’ Mask Protocol. All students in Grades 4 – 12 must wear face masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Masks must be worn in hallways, washrooms, during classes, and while riding a school bus. Students in Kindergarten – Grade 3 are strongly encouraged to wear face masks.

Encouraging Younger Students to Wear Masks - Together, we can help students become more comfortable wearing masks! This document talks about practicing how to wear and handle masks properly, making it fun, and explaining the upside to help students transition to this new part of school and community life.

Visitor Protocol - Visitors to the school are by appointment only or for urgent reasons. Here are the important steps to follow when entering our school buildings.

Hand Hygiene, Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing - Hand hygiene will be an important part of school routines. Learn more about when students will wash or sanitize their hands, and proper techniques to get rid of germs.

Illness Protocol - For everyone’s safety, students and staff must not attend school if they are sick, even if symptoms resemble a mild cold. This document explains how schools will handle situations of students becoming ill during the school day.

COVID-19 School Communication Protocol – This document explains what schools can, and cannot, communicate related to illness and COVID-19 cases this school year. We are required to follow Ministry of Education, Public Health and Privacy laws and guidelines in terms of what we communicate to families.

One more thing....

To all the opportunities that are about to come our way....
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