HG Temple Intermediate NEWS to KNOW

October 12,2015


Thanks to everyone who helped with the Fall Carnival. It was a great way to have the community support the school. It was simple and easy. We ran out of BINGO cards (over 500). If you have suggestions on how we can improve or different game ideas, please let Ana or myself know. Next year will be bigger and better. Special thanks to each grade level and group who donated. A big thanks to our GO GETTERS- Ana, Scarlett, Judy, and Gina.

Please read the NEWSLETTER

I include upcoming events, important changes, scheduling information, etc... in the email every week. It is easier to put the information in a newsletter for you to read than keeping you after school and sharing information so please take the time to read the newsletter. Things happening on campus should not be a surprise- it's discussed in the newsletter or grade level meetings.

Where are you in the lesson cycle?

Who is in control in the classroom? Who is doing all the thinking? The teacher or the students? I want to try something- video your classroom during a lesson. Analyze the following: who is doing all the thinking, what are the students doing, what do their bodies and facial expressions tell me, what was the "hook" of the lesson, where did the teacher spend a majority of the time, what part of the lesson cycle was seen? This will be a followup in grade level meetings on the 20th.

Progress Monitoring

Have you looked at your data from your students who are progressed monitored in Renaissance Reading and/or Math? This is not something we give just because, this is information which shows if your kids are responding to interventions, small groups, etc... Discuss the data with the individual students- is their trend line moving or is it flat lining?

Remember, the classroom is the first level of RtI. Just because a student goes to a pull out does not mean they are not your responsibility, they should still receive intense teaching from the classroom teacher. If you read this and are the first person to notify me, you have surprise ! During AR/AM, you should be working with individuals in small group or monitoring students. This will be discussed more in grade level meeting on 20th.

Campus get together

Please join your school family for an afternoon of fun at the Miller house on Saturday, Oct. 17th at 6:00. We will grill fajitas, etc... If you would like to bring a dish, chips, salsa, rice, etc... please let me know. Bring a chair, enjoy the fellowship and weather! RSVP me please-

1395 N FM 1194

Lufkin, Tx. 75904


I will plan a day for kids to swim in May- the pool is a little chilly !