2015-2016 Season Wrap-Up Tournament

Food, tennis, and friends... what could be better!

Don't Cry, We're Concluding With A Bang!

The Women's Head Coach at UT, Al Dufaux, and well-known tennis pro and creator of the College Tennis Exposure Camp, Ed Krass, are looking to host a tournament for the Tennis Club. Both coaches have worked extensively with college athletes, and have created a method of training called "One On One Doubles", which will be explained below. See below for more information!

"One On One Doubles" Tournament

Wednesday, March 23rd, 6-9pm

West North A Street

Tampa, FL

Deadline to RSVP is February 26th at 11:59PM.

Totally Free, and Totally Awesome:

For a no-cost tennis event, this is pretty much as good as it gets. Just a simple THANK YOU to all of you, from myself, and the rest of my officers that help me make the club great. You guys have all done so well this semester! You deserve a celebration!

Things included if you come:

--New cans of balls for each match



--Court Availability

--Prizes given to the winners of the tournament

Format For The Tournament:

One On One Doubles, is coincidentally NOT a doubles tournament, but rather singles. Imagine that! It is a unique, fun, and challenging way of improving your game, as well as playing competitively. Here is the format:

  • 4 players per court
  • Players will play on half of the court, hitting cross-court (alleys count)
  • Court is divided by the "T" in the service line, and by cones that lead to the baseline (I.E down the middle of the court)
  • You MUST serve and volley, otherwise the point goes to the receiving player
  • Scoring is as follows:
  • 4 game set, 2 sets, no ad scoring, sudden death game at 3-3, tiebreak 3rd set
  • Bracket schedule, bracket play
  • A Team and B Team will be on separate courts (back courts and front courts)

Please contact Scotty Hilliard (email below) with any questions you may have, and to register for the event.