Romeo and Juliet act V

By Sam Green and Tom Mondoux

Main event #1

Balthasar , romeo servant, tells romeo about how he saw juliet dead as she was lowered into the tomb and romeo wants to go straight back to Verona as he wants to see if the bad news is true and tend to his love.

Main Event #2

friar Lawrence meets friar john, the friar of Mantua , and wishes to see how romeo has been but Friar Jhon said he has not met romeo yet and that he never came to him. Friar Laurence Immediately suspects he came for Juliet

Main Event #3

When romeo gets back to Verona he goes straight for the tomb where Juliet lays, but he also see’s Paris there and start to argue about Juliet and who she loved. Romeo and Paris draw their swords and start to fight and during that fight romeo kills Paris.

Main Event #4

Romeo Decides that he can't live without Juliet, and lays himself in the tomb and drinks the poison, unknowing Juliet is alive. Juliet then wakes up and sees Romeo dead. She then picks up a knife and kills herself. "Yea, noise? Then I'll be brief O happy dagger!" -Juliet pg. 904 line 169.

Main Event #5

The the Montogues and Capultes come out and view their children's corpses. Then the friar gives a blessing and says a speech. The prince arrives to the scene also. "The course of love, the tidings of her death" The prince pg. 910 line 287.

Our main characters