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11/23/15 Faculty/Staff News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

Happy Thanksgiving

Over the years I've kept a gratitude journal. Even on the toughest of days I'm always able to identify goodness and blessings in each day. I give thanks for each of you on a daily basis and for our students; our blessings. As we reflect on all of our blessings this Thanksgiving, let's remember especially those in our SAS Family who will see an empty chair at their Thanksgiving table this year. May we continue to be blessings to one another. I'd like to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the addition of Wednesday off whether to relax or to get a hard start on one of your delicious Thanksgiving dishes. Pass the smashed potatoes!

Please note this a special edition two-week newsletter, as no newsletter will go out next week. Your next Faculty and Staff News will be sent on Thursday, December 3rd.

NEW! Quizlets Webinar Schedule Released for Grades 3-8 Teachers


Please register as soon as possible. There is a Thursday webinar scheduled.

Here is the first webinar recorded...many of you expressed interest, but couldn't make that time.


Marshall's Memo


- Key insights from Grant Wiggins
- Richard Stiggins on formative assessment
- Asking the right questions in PLCs
- What UDL looks like in two classrooms
- Four types of assessment and how they can be used
- Going beyond growth mindset to teach students optimism
- Hard isn't bad
- When should a teacher disclose a personal tragedy?
- Measuring the "working alliance" between teacher and student
- Helping students find primary sources
- Recess in other countries
- International comparisons

Wedding Bells Ring for Marijean's Family

Flashback Selfies! (A Photo Needed)

Please provide me with a photo of you "back in the day", a flashback of sorts...a photo of you at any age.

I will scan the photo and put together another bulletin board/contest opportunity.

All photos will be promptly returned. You can also scan your own photo and email it to me.

Thanks for your help. A photo is worth a 1,000 words. Let's start with the word "fun!"

Deadline 11/30. Please check your name off in the Cafe after you submit your flashback and pet photo.

Teachers' (and Staff) Pets

Attention all faculty and staff: I'd like to do a bulletin board/contest featuring "Teachers' Pets"

If you own a pet, please send me a copy of your dog, cat, hamster, fish, etc.

You may email me, text me, or provide an actual photo. I'll promptly return your original photo...promise. Deadline 11/30. Please provide a photo of just your pet (and list his/her name). Congratulations to our newest pet family members: Jake Hunter and Tucker Johnson-Sanchez.

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Parents will receive SchoolMessenger call; please encourage them to check

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