Little Kids,Pay,and Safety for work

1900 Tyler Rodgers

Children are working in dangerous conditions and receiving very low wages.

During the 1900s, many skilled workers were being fired and replaced by unskilled workers for cheaper pay. 1.7 million of those unskilled workers were children. Many children had to be put to work by their parents so their family wouldn't go broke. The children who were put to work were usually taken advantage of, long days and low pay. "Children worked 11-12 hours a day for 6 days a week and earned $1 a week." (Child Labor Article) As the pay and work hours sucked for children, the working conditions were just as bad. "9-10 year old boys worked in coal mines for 14-16 hours a day, work weeks could stretch to 72 hours." (Child Labor Article) Also many young children worked in the factories with big dangerous equipment, just adding to the dangerous possibilities that could happen. With tall the working conditions, pay, and hours worked by the children.. Most of them never went to school. They were to busy working and helping their families they never had time to go to school. This needs to change!! We cant't have children to busy working and not be able to get an education!! Children should be enjoying life while they are young, not be forced to work all day long and never get a chance to explore life.

Child Labor...


Child Labor does get resolved around 1938

In 1938 the Fair Labor Standard Act which set minimum wage and maximum work hours helped abolish child labor. To help with the Fair Labor Act, the National Industrial Recovery Act was also passed which reduced child labor.