1st Grade Computers Newsletter

Mrs. Nasto, Computer Teacher, MrsNasto.com, @ChitchatNasto

Digital Tips for Parents

  1. Build Skills and Confidence at Home practice using MrsNasto.com
  2. Promote Computer Science & Coding Kodable School App
  3. Add a Wireless Mouse to Laptop build mouse skills
  4. Supervise and Monitor Digital Device use remind students not to share private information.
  5. Ear Muffs are recommended at this level, monitor volume.
  6. Take care of Eyes: Encourage students to look away every 20 minutes and break after 1hr.
  7. Best Practices create a Family Media Use Plan & set limits. Create tech-free zones and encourage offline play.
  8. CER After School Computers Building Skills

Computer Class Goals

BCS first grade students meet with me in the computer lab once a week all year.

My goal is to create a positive, supportive, and encouraging

computer lab environment that nurtures the student and the

student’s learning experience while building and developing digital skills for life.

The Computer Lab experience provides Computer Science & Digital

Citizen curriculum along with reading, writing, science and math

skills using Internet resources, school apps and computer programs.

First Grade Computer Skills:

  • Internet Navigation Skills - Google Chrome
  • Mouse Skills & Keyboarding Skills
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Computer Science: Coding with Kodable
  • Digital Citizen Curriculum
  • Computer Technology Vocabulary
  • PC Desktop Navigation Skills
  • Internet Resources & Software
  • School Apps: MrsNasto.com, Kodable, FastMath, ReadingEggs, Brainpop Jr.


Practice Mrs. Nasto's 1st Grade Page: http://www.mrsnasto.com/Lessons/les1.htm
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