Hunting In Texas

Rurik Stefkovich


You can buy a youth license for 13 dollars until you turn 17 then you need to a hunter certification to legally purchase your own license for 60 Dollars.


Closed season: The time you're not allowed to hunt a specific animal.

Daily Bag Limit: The amount of game your allowed to take during a single day.

Hunt: When you go and harvest a wild animal.

Youth: Any person under the age of 15.

Antler Point: Any part of an antler that extends more than one inch from the main antler.

Means and methods

-fully automatic firearms are not legal.

-a shotgun is the only legal firearm for hunting migratory game birds.

-Only the archery and crossbow equipment prescribed in this section may be used for taking game animals.

-the crossbow has a minimum pull of 125 pounds.

-Trapping may be used for non game/exotic animals (e.g., feral hogs, rabbits, etc.) on private property.

Restricted Areas and counties.

-You cant discharge a weapon in restricted areas.

-You cannot hunt in la salle




After killing deer or pronghorn antelope

Tags and permits are needed to hunt certain game depending on what is is.

A hunter may skin and quarter a deer.

You need to buy tags.

When you buy tags it needs to be for specific animals.

Not all animals need tags for you to hunt.

Proof of sex

It is illegal to kill an animal without proof of sex.

It is illegal to kill a Doe in certain areas.

It is illegal to posses a turkey without its proof of sex.

Instead of proof of sex you can get a receipt.

Male deer have antlers.


When leaving with it you must have the proof of sex until its destination.

Deer may not be processed beyond camp.

Preparation must occur immediately before processing.