PS 6 Chess Tournament

January 25, 2015

Premier Scholastic Chess Tournament in New York City

Welcome to PS 6 Chess Tournament - The BEST Scholastic Chess Tournament in NYC!

Join us for our first tournament of the year on January 25, 2015

Our tournaments routinely attract more than 200 players rated and unrated players

Located at 45 East 81street ( between Park & Madison Avenue)


Rookie: Unrated/3 Rounds/2 hour tournament without time control

K-8 Unrated: 4 Rounds/G30
K-8 Rated U400: 4 Rounds/G30
K-8 Rated U700: 4 Rounds/G30
K-8 Rated U1000: 4 Rounds/G45

K-12 Open I:1000-1300/4 Rounds/G45
K-12 Open II: 1300-1600/3 Rounds/G75
K-12 Open III: 1600+/3 Rounds/G75


Early registration fee ends 9PM on January 19, 2015, (Monday).

  • Rookie $30
  • Unrated/Rated/Open sections $40

Online registration will close at NOON on January 24, 2015 (Saturday).

  • Rookie $40
  • Unrated/Rated/Open sections $50

On-site Registration (by 9AM)

  • Rookie $50
  • Unrated/Rated/Open sections $60

Start Time

9:30 AM: U1000, Open Sections
9:45 AM: Unrated, U400, U700
10:00 AM: Rookie Section
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