what is a hurricane

what is a hurricane

A hurricane is a very powerful storm .They come from the Atlantic ocean.

categorizing hurricanes

These kinds of storms power are shone by it's wind speed .The wind speed is on a scale form 1-5 and 5 having the most power.

formation of a hurricane

You proboly think that a hurricane can happen any where. Well yes but , no . If the storms form over the atlantic ocean it's a hurricane . But if it forms over the pacific ocean ,it's a typhoon.

A hurricanes history


This is hurricane hugo . You might think yeah what is one hurricane going to do . Well one hurricane can kill a lot of people like this one killed fifty people in all . but let's not start there because I am going to tell you every thing about it . htis hurricane formed over the atlantic ocean on september ,9 1985 and made land fall september , 22 1985 .Well you might still think it's not impressive so I am going to tell you . This storm cost a estimated $7 billon in us mony and $1billon in Puerto Rico and the us vergin islands . If you don't think that is bad let me tell you this . This hurricane was a category 5 but mostly 4 hurricane with winds up to 160 mph that is bad.


To bad that i can not tell you more about them but that is pretty much all you need to know about hurricanes and how much damage they can do.