Lab Safety Project

By: Jordan Williams

Lab safety Rules

Lab Safety is very important to know before starting a lab experiment. Lab safety rules can save lives by letting people know what to do so they don't cause any accidents in class or anywhere else. If there happens to be an accidents students must tell an adult. Some lab safety rules are that first you need to put on a lab coat and goggles. You can't bring food or drinks in the classroom before the lab, also make sure you read all the instructions before starting a lab.

Top Lab Safety rules

Knowing Lab safety rules can save lifes

No Open Toes Shoes

  • Chemicals can spill get on your bare foot
  • Can cause irritation if the chemical gets on your foot
  • If you have run or exit the class open toed shoes can break easier than closed shoes

No Food or Drinks

Never bring food or drinks in class because harmful chemical could go into the food or drink that you want. It is never safe to bring food or drinks in class because they can spill and if the class has to exit the room it can cause total disaster of water being spilled on the floor. If you eat or drink food or beverages with chemicals in inside of it there is no telling what could happen it could have a harmless effect on you or it can have a harmful effect where it could cause problems with your body or death.