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New Year - New Beginnings

Welcome to the Energy of 2016

Hello All and Happy New Year!

Over the last few years we have experienced a bumpy ride with the Universal Energy but 2016 brings a new energy and this year is one of self discovery, power and understanding.

January is all about soul-searching, reflection, contemplation and scrutiny of ones self. Time to go deep within thought and meditation to build the foundation for the rest of the year.

Our first hurdle of the year is that Mercury started its retrograde phase on 5th January, lasting until January 25th. It is however usual to still feel the effects for a few weeks after.

Mercury is the ruler of communications, so during times of retrograde can bring about aggression, arguments and misunderstanding. Mercury in retrograde is not the time to make any important moves or decisions that involve communicating with others. Instead, it is a time for seeking guidance, understanding and planning for the short term within ones self.

Fortunately, the New Moon in Capricorn was with us on 9th January and brought with it very powerful energies - perfect at this time of Mercury Retrograde. This New Moon will help us to realise our truths and uncover secrets by bringing our fears to the surface and showing us what we need to release to enable us to move forward freely.

With the New Moon now with us, and at the start of the year, it is the perfect time for new beginnings and possibilities. A time for expression, meaning and desire - what do you want to manifest in 2016?

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