Kylee's Lesson Flyer

Lesson Reviews


This week we talked about a method to use your fingers to multiple 6x6 through 10x10. Attached is a video to help remind you how to do it.

Remember to keep working on your 1-5's ESPECIALLY 3's and 4's

WED Write out the 3x1 through 3 x 10 on paper five times.

We also talked about how regrouping (borrowing) in subtraction is just like taking a 10 block strip and breaking into ones. That's why you subtract 1 from the 10s column but have to add 10 to the ones column.

I am also going to attach a couple long division videos I would like you to review. Don't forget to practice at home.

The addition and subtraction worksheets I sent home it is IMPORTANT you time yourself. You only have 1 minute to complete this sheet. This will help when doing multiplication and division more proficiently. It also shows a level of proficiency when you are able to complete it within a min. If you think it will take you more than one try, copy it first so you are able to do it a few times.
Model Subtraction of Three Digit Whole Numbers Using Base Ten Blocks
Long Division Made Easy!
Times tables using your hands!


Remember to have all the components of your writing. The assignment is three pages because I want to see how well you are able to blend paragraphs, and concepts. It is an opinion letter so it can be to anyone about anything. We talked about heading, greeting, opinion, 3 reasons, solution, conclusion, closing and signature.


Practice your context clues. Read at least 10 pages a day out of "Swiss Family Robinson" write down any words you don't know. Using context clues write your most educated guess of what that word means. DO NOT look them up in the dictionary. This exercise will show me how well you are able to figure out the words you don't know how of the text.

Don't forget to bring the book with you when you come back next Sunday!


Monday Write out the spelling words 5 times each

Tuesday look up the definitions, don't write them down I just want you to have an understanding of what it means. Sometimes it makes it easier to remember how its spelled.

Wed and Thursday Study the spelling of the words.

Friday Write out the words 5 times each again.

Bonus word: sabotaged


Get used too the steps of a scientific method. Research how it is used. Find an existing experiment that uses this method. {GOOGLE IT}

We will also be looking at the human body. For now I want you to get used to the main organs in your body.

As a BONUS... list one more organ that is not listed on this chart. Be able to tell me a fact about that one organ.