Pixel Gun 3-D


All about Pcixel gun 3-D

Pixel gun 3-D is a figting game. You can play against friends or be a team with a friend. It looks like Minecraft. You fight with other people. You can turn into a robot. You can fly with a jetpack and you can buy power three gold coins.You can also buy a bomb.The first time give you 999 gold coins and 999 diamonds.when you go to another level.they take all of your gold coins and diamonds.They give you six diamonds and six gold coins.

What do you need

Pixel gun 3-D is a game.You have to download it on a iPad or a phone or on a Ipohone. you need a diamond to buy a gun and you can buy power so you can not die. and you need a helmet and you need a new gun and you need more gold coins and you need more diamond and you have to be good at it.if win at the game they give you one diamond.
Pixel Gun 3D - Out Of The Map: Heaven Garden!