The Computer Misuse Act 1990

By Kathleen Speller

The Incoming Act

What Happened To Need A Act?

As the computer became more involved in our everyday life- at work and at school- the government came under the realization that people could be misusing the computer system. People could cause businesses to loose money and compromised peoples privacy. People understood that hacking was wrong but there was no law against it and therefor no one could prevent it. But as the number of hacks grew the law passed the act in 1990.

Important Dates

29th June 1990- The Assent towards the act (The Assent is when the royal family approach an act and say if they will or will not be put into action.)

29th August 1990- The Commencement of the act (This is when the act became the act and was used.)

What Offences Did The Act Prevent?

  1. Unauthorized access to computer material
  2. Unauthorized access with intent to commit or facilitate a crime
  3. Unauthorized modification of computer material
  4. Making, supplying or obtaining anything which can be used in computer misuse offences

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Extra Information

The links below will lead you to more information if you still feel like you are missing information. The Video goes over everything you already know but with a bit more detail on the offences. The Video and the Teach-ICT link also show what punishment occurs if the laws are broken.
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Computer Misuse Act
Computer Misuse Act

The Video Above

The video above is a easy example of the misuse of computers, how this can affect the users life and what happens if you are found out. It does exaggerate how much he would have been fined for.
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