Nuclear Engineer

Ethan Fenlon - 2nd hour

Career Overview.

As a nuclear engineer you research and develop instruments to benefit from the effects of nuclear power. It also concerns the fission of the nuclei as well as nuclear physics.

How to succeed in this career.

Be able to visualize complex processes, manage projects, and have the ability to be vary precise in calculations. To be qualified for this career you need a masters degree witch is an average of 6 years. Taking engineering in high school would be helpful.

Tuition cost.

The tuition for University of Madison is $8,804 per year. I need a masters degree, a masters degree takes an average of six years, so the total tuition cost of a masters degree will be $52,824.

Total education cost.

The housing cost for 6 years at UW Maddison is $52,824. The cost for food in college will cost about $3,600. The amount of money you will spend for transportation is $2,700. The average cost of clothing will be $1,800. The total tuition for total time at college $52,824. So this means that the total cost of collage will be about $113,748. This is a lot of money so I think that I will need to apply for scholarships and get a part time job. But I think that I will be happy with this job.

Organizations associated with this career.

Barkley Nuclear Engineering and Bureau of Labor Statistics of nuclear engineering.

Pros and cons.


It's Fun.

You make a lot of money.

Lots of thigs that we don't know about it so you coulddiscover somthing cool.


You could be exposed to harmful substances.

a lot of hard work

Job Summery

As a nuclear engineer you conduct research on nuclear engineering or apply principles and theory of nuclear science. You would typically work in an office but could change depending on what industry you work for. You get paid $104,270 a year and you need a masters degree. It is a high paying job but requires a lot of work and schooling


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