By Barrie Levy

A Teen's Guide to Breaking Free of Abusive Relationships

One in every three women will experience an abusive relationship in their lives. Are you in a relationship where someone you love is hurting you? This book explains abusive dating situations, deciding how to deal with them, and learning how to get help. There are three different kinds of abusive relationships;                                                         *Verbal                                                         *Sexual                                                         *Physical


Abusive Relationship- noun- a state of affairs between two people characterized by wrong or improper action, either physical or verbal. Sexual Abuse- noun- The forcing of unwanted sexual activity by one person on another, as by the use of threats or coercion. Verbal Abuse- noun- the use of words to cause harm to the person being spoken to. Phyical Abuse-noun-non-accidental trauma or physical injury caused by punching, beating , kicking, biting, burning or otherwise harming.

by; Mandy Miller