Curriculum and Instruction Weekly

April 8, 2016

Leadership Opportunity

The NJDOE Division of Teaching and Learning values input and feedback from all current educators and views partnerships with those working in the field as essential to the state’s educational role and responsibility to New Jersey’s students.

The Division of Teaching and Learning is inviting educators to apply for membership on a newly formed Advisory Council. Successful applicants will work with professionals in the Division and will advise on programs, delivery of professional learning, and policy decisions. This opportunity to advise the Division of Teaching and Learning includes current education experts and specialists in diverse roles. Applicants might include content area teachers, leaders of English language learner support programs, gifted/enrichment educational program leaders, teachers who support special learners, library media specialists, school counselors, instructors within the arts, health and wellness, trade preparation programs, principals, vice principals, supervisors, and directors.

Individuals interested in serving on the Council, or in recommending an educator for membership, can find the application at:

All application materials must be submitted electronically by May 2, 2016 to

Professional Development Opportunities

Articles and Resources


The NJDOE announced the proposed regulatory language that will make taking and passing PARCC a graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2021. I encourage you to read the testimony and language here.