What's Happening in Winston Prep?

May 2015

Writer: Coen Zylstra

Editor: Daniel Palumbo

Coen's Editorial: The Camping Trip

The recent camping trip was awesome. One of the most exciting event was when we rock climbed up the face of a cliff and later rappelled down. I have done rock climbing multiple times in the past, so I was mostly prepared for what we would be doing, but it was still a challenge both physically and mentally.

We climbed the steep cliff with bare hands and only a harness, yet it was friendly to people of any level of experience. After we reached the top, we rappelled down. We learned to support others and face our fears.

Throughout the trip, we hiked with our backpacks that were upwards of 25 pounds, which was very tiring, so it was quite a relief when we finally were able to take them off at camp at the end of the day. Just about everybody that went on the trip made new friends. Doing activities in a closer setting together for the whole time allowed us get to know each other a lot more and in a different way.

When we arrived to camp on the third day, we saw a shallow river. We got to put our feet in and walk around in it. A group of kids got together and built a dam, which allowed the water to rise. Spontaneously, a challenge started and took turns dunking our whole body into the 40 degree water. Brrrrrrr!!!! Kids and teachers alike got into the freezing water and everyone was cheered on. It was unreal!

This is just a sample of what we got to do and learn on our adventure. Beautiful nature, good friends and great activities. It makes you wonder: who needs school?


Other Headlines:

Sports Teams!

Mr. Medley is organizing Winston Prep sports teams for next year! Athletics at Winston Prep is, by design, inclusive of all of our students for all levels of experience and ability. Middle school students will have an opportunity to compete in cross country, soccer, and basketball. High school students can compete in cross country, soccer, basketball, and co-ed (boys and girls) softball. Any students participating in cross country, soccer, or co-ed softball will be meeting this spring to discuss the prerequisites of these activities, to ensure that everyone will be ready for a year of athletic events. Come and join the teams!