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Reactivate your OKI printer under Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Issue: After redesigning from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard the introduced printer driver for the OKI-postscript driver does not work any longer. Here it's an OKI MFP C5540 … however it ought to likewise work with different models, similar to the OKI C5450 or C8800. The printer jumper was introduced under Leopard and worked great. In the wake of completing the overhaul to 10.6 you can send a print occupation to the printer; however a mistake message appears in the print line.

Analysis: Two bugs may bring about the issue: Some of the OKI-printer drivers simply ignore case affectability in their way names – this wasn't an issue in previous Mac OS X renditions – however it is an issue in Snow Leopard. The other bug – which even prompts a glitch if the way names are correct – is some wrong record consent. What's more, this causes Snow Leopard to hiccup when you attempt to print on an OKI-Printer. Contact for reliable technical support for OKI Data printers

Arrangement: The least demanding approach to take care of the issues and dispose of the bugs is taking after three noteworthy strides:

1. Erase the old OKI printer drivers under the envelope "/Library/Printers/" … if there are any.

2. Introduce another OKI driver. This will likewise make the envelope "/Library/Printers/OKIDATA". At that point introduce the particular printer driver for your OKI-printer (particularly the PPD record).

3. Repair the record authorizations.

You just need the OKI printer drivers and you need to put in some Terminal charges. Be that as it may, we should do it regulated:

· Sign into your Mac as a chairman.

· Step 1: Delete the old OKI records and envelopes:

· Bear in mind to reinforcement your information before you begin!

· Explore to the accompanying envelope in the Finder and erase the organizer "OKIDATA" or "Okidata" – if there is any.

Mac HD/Library/Printers/

· Inside the envelope "PPDs" you may discover likewise some OKI records – at my Mac it was

"Oki C5540.ppd" – erase additionally these documents.

· Step 2: Re-establishment of the OKI printer driver. The establishment project of more seasoned printer drivers may bring about issues while making the "OKIDATA" envelope: They may name this organizer "Okidata" and put in an old OKfilterA-document.

· In this manner you ought to download and introduce the printer driver for C5550n-MFP of OKI-USA particularly for Leopard clients first. Simply tap on the "Macintosh OS X.5" join on the printer driver page of OKIDATA-USA, download the installer.

· At that point begin the installer and put in your secret word. The establishment system will make the organizer "OKIDATA" as required. Certified technician fix the errors of printers instantly.

· In the event that the C5550n MFP is not the OKI printer you have, you need to download introduce likewise the particular printer driver for your OKI-printer model. I needed to pick the C5540n MFP. The establishment won't overwrite the envelope OKIDATA and just put's the missing PPDs into the right organizers.

· Step 3: Repair organizer and record authorizations. Open the system "Terminal" – you'll see it under "Projects/Utilities".

· Information the accompanying summon into the showing up charge line window and completion it with squeezing the arrival key:

sudo chown - R root:admin/Library/Printers/OKIDATA

· Presently, you'll be incited for your secret word … so put in your watchword of the administrator record and complete the contribution by squeezing the arrival key once more

· Information a second summon into the order line window and completion it with squeezing the arrival key:

sudo chmod 775/Library/Printers/OKIDATA/Filters/OKfilterA

· Somewhat convoluted – however it works. Simply leave the Terminal program and restart your Mac. At that point you can setup your OKI-printer and select the particular OKI-printer driver physically.