Hernando De Soto

Spanish explorer

Beginning Career

From Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain

Sailed for Spain

Sailed from 1514 - 1542


Hernando led the first European expedition Into the interior of North America and discovered the Mississippi River.

One of his biggest accomplishments was capturing Peru.

The purpose of his voyages were to take over countries and claim land.

He conquered alot of land and countries, he did not fail often.

Hernando De Soto

He was greedy, and but led voyages with a purpose . All he cared about was conquering land and getting gold.

He collected no less than 18,000 ounces of gold from Peru.

He assisted the Cubans rebuild their capital city after the french burned it. This was while he was on the way to the Americas.

He died from fever after crossing the Mississippi River, on may 21, 1542

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