Centerville Communicator

April 14, 2014

The Fundamental Five

Even though we did not get to the discussion piece in the last faculty meeting, we have see a lot of teachers using the small, purposeful talk strategy. This week we have observed small group discussions, discussions in pairs, and the turn and talk strategy in the classrooms. Keep it up!

Pride Team

This week we will be back to our normal Pride Time schedule Monday-Thursday. We will be discussing scores with the students. We hope you all have a wonderful week!

Pride Team


We have been short on subs this past week. We appreciate you working together! Moncada and Maybry jumped in and took classes with no hesitiation. Several teachers helped cover and even took some of the challenges:>) Thanks again!


There are several attachments for you from this past week's WAIP.

Weekly Events

Monday - Excell Cerenomy at Curtis CC @ 7:00 pm

Tuesday - 4:30 STAAR training for all professional staff, 5:00 home visits (This time counts for 2 hours of make up time)

Wednesday - New Image Awards at Curtis CC @ 7:00 pm

Thursday - Gradebook Lockdown at 12:00, Easter Egg Hunt

Friday -Holiday - Enjoy Your Families