Green Revolution

Andrea Morlett

What is the Green Revolution?

Green Revolution is the development, and technological advancement that happened between the 1940s and 1970s. The Green Revolution increased agriculture production around the world in countries that were known to be in poverty and starvation.

The "Father of the Green Revolution", Norman Borlaug saved more than a billion people from starvation. He involved the development of cereal grains, expansion of irrigation, modernization of farming techniques, distribution of hybridized seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides and taught it to farmers. This allowed people to be able to increase their efficiency in farming and enabling them to acquire resources for food that they used to lack.

Why do it?

  • Capable of growing crops on a massive scale.
  • Makes plants which are resistant to pests and herbicides.
  • Allows people to grow virtually any crop anywhere they want.
  • Farmers can grow and export cash crops for profit.
The Green Revolution allows farmers to grow crops under better conditions with better technology. They get control over harmful insects and pests that could result in the destroying of their crops. It enhances the quality of economy and makes starvation one less problem to worry about.