By: Stephanie Meyer


The book is about a girl named Bella. Once she's comes to a new school she meets a guy named Edward Cullen. After time goes on she finds out that he is a vampire. All goes well untill unexpected visitors come to town and put Bella in danger.


The climax of this book is when Victoria, James, and Laurent show up to the baseball field while the Cullen family, including Bella, were playing baseball. This is what triggers all the action.


To me I think the resolution of this book is when Edward decides to take the venom out of Bella. He made sure she didn't change after James bit her in the wrist.

Favorite Part

My favorite part of this book is when Bella sees Edward for the first time. It's my favorite because to me it almost sets up the whole story. I could tell how she felt and that gave me an idea for the rest of the story.

Least Favorite Part

My least favorite part of this book is when James bit Bella. I know that's what she wanted but I didn't like it because Edward was sad. To me it felt like a sad part of the story and I didn't want Bella to go through that.

Best Character

The best character in this book was Jacob. I like him because of the role he plays. He helps Bella by telling her a story. I also like him because you know he has a crush on Bella the whole time but she is in love with Edward.

Worst Character

My least favorite character was Rosalie. I didn't really like that she didn't like Bella just cause she was human. It kinda made the story awkward in a way. I understand that the hate sets up a future story with the next books.


I think the theme of this book is that love can do many things to a person.


"Your scent is like a drug to me. You're like my own personal brand of heroin" (Stephanie Meyers). This is significant because it explains how important Bella is to Edward. It's like he can't live without her.

"A Growning metallic thud hurt my ears and the car settled" (Stephanie Meyer). This is significant because it explains that he cares about her so much that he would put his life in front of his to save her.