Fostering Carr's caring community

Think About It

Why did you want to be come a teacher?

Who was your favourite teacher when you were in high school? Why?

Personal Story

Students who are loved at home come to school to learn;

Students who are not, come to school to be loved.

Transition Survey

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What do you think?

Take a couple minutes to talk about this data.

What do you think about the data? What are some ways to change this?

Expeditionary Schools

Student Advisory (CREW) at WHEELS

Goals of Crew

  • Creating a safe caring environment
  • Giving students a voice to express themselves
  • Establishing a culture of trust
  • Connecting 16 students with a caring adult
  • Connects students in all grade levels
  • Builds skills that time is not always allotted to
  • Time to listen to kids and what is happening in their lives, and in our lives
  • Creating a safe space
  • Fight against a culture of low expectations
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