Nathan Hale Weekly

February 8th, 2016

Vision Statement

To provide a safe and supportive environment where rigorous foundational knowledge is acquired and applied.

Career and Technology Education Month

February is Career and Technology Education(CTE) Month. The week of February 8-12 is Business Professionals of America(BPA) week. Our business teachers will be focusing their lessons on soft skills this week. On February 26th BPA members from Hale will travel to Eugene Field elementary school to participate in the 3rd Annual Literacy Event sponsored by Reading Partners. Our Hale students will spend the day helping the elementary students work on their reading skills.

Ashleigh Slack, an FCCLA member, has been chosen as Hale's representative for CTE Month. Ashleigh's photo will be posted to social media on February 25th. If her photo reaches the most people through sharing and liking our school will win a trophy! Additionally Ashleigh has been asked to speak at the February 16th School Board meeting about how Career Tech courses have impacted her life

Coming Attractions

  • February 11 & 12- American Fidelity

Mr. Steven Dickherber

Steven joined the Nathan Hale team in May of 2013 teaching Algebra 1 in summer school as part of Teach For America’s 2013 corps. His dream of teaching math began in Middle School. Pressure to do something more practical (which apparently means to make a lot of money) lead him to major in Finance at the University of Missouri, but after learning about Teach For America and alternative certification, Steven chose to follow his original dream of teaching.

Steven is the Math Department Chair and the assistant coach for boys soccer. He is also the sponsor of the most-spirited class of 2018 and the Math Content Specialist for Teach For America in Oklahoma. In his free time, Steven daydreams about new ways to make Hale High School the best school in Tulsa, in Oklahoma, and in the entire country. He is extremely passionate about proving that every single kid deserves an excellent education, especially students who grow up without other advantages.

Counselor's Corner

The Oklahoma Academic Scholars program recognizes outstanding academic achievement of graduating seniors. Oklahoma Academic Scholars will be presented a certificate of distinction from the state and their local high schools.

A gold seal will be affixed to their diplomas and the honor will be recorded on their official transcripts. Graduating seniors must meet all of the following criteria to qualify for this honor:

 Accumulate over Grades 9, 10, 11 and the first semester of Grade 12, a minimum grade point average of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale, or be in the top 10 percent of their class.

 Complete (or will complete) the curricular requirements for a standard diploma.

 Achieve a 27 composite score on the ACT or 1220 combined reading and mathematics score on the SAT I. The ACT or SAT I must have been taken on a national test date.

Important Spring Reminders

  • FAFSA Applications (Seniors) January(Get those Taxes Done).
  • SRI window (Grades 3-10) Jan 25-Feb 5
  • Alt. 8th grade read test for DMV Feb 11, 1:30 p.m, Enroll/Center
  • EOI Optional Retest March 28th – April 8th
  • ACT Test- STATE (11th Grade) March 29th
  • ACT National Test April 9th deadline March 13th
  • ACT National Test June 4th deadline May 8th
  • EOI’s April 11th – May 13th
  • AP Testing May 2 - May 13th
  • Graduation (Seniors) May 18, 2016 5 p.m.

Mathematics Department

Danny Gibson is native to Bellingham, Washington -- pretty much Canada.

Graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Major in Computer Science, minor in Pure Math.

Besides teaching I enjoy running, reading, biking, and anything computer related.

Stoked to explore and to meet more Tulsans that enjoy the same!

Jennifer Borvtvit Mapes

Born: Del Rio, Texas

Raised: Midwest City, Oklahoma

Raised as an Air Force brat to a Tech Sergeant who served 42 years in the Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Bachelors-Pastoral Ministry, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Masters-Secondary Education-Math, .University of Phoenix

Masters- Administration, Southern Nazarene University

Doctorate (in progress) - Administration, University of Kansas

Aside from teaching Math on the high school level, I am also an adjunct college professor of Mathematics online and on campus with the University of Phoenix teaching now for 9 years, the University of Kansas for almost 1 year, and for Tulsa Community College for almost 1 year.

Thomas Pedroza teaches Geometry and Algebra 2 in the Special Education Department. This is his second year at Hale; originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Thomas attended Columbia University with degrees in Italian Literature and Philosophy. Thomas is an exemplary volleyball player and is passionate about literature even more than math. He’s held his students to view themselves as graduates and holds them to that expectation.

Kyle DeBoy is in his first year teaching Geometry and Algebra I. In his time outside the classroom, he works in the Nature Center as the school garden leader and PA announcer for the Rangers basketball teams.

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2011 from SUNY University at Buffalo, he worked as part of the US Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa (2011-2013). He is now following in the footsteps of his late father, who was a 6th grade teacher.

Kyle’s greatest accomplishment up to this point is being crowned as SUNY Buffalo’s 2010 Chicken Wing eating champion. Step up

Colin Sato: I’m a late bloomer and a slow thinker: learned to read at 9, ride a bike at 14, like a girl at 16, understand what math is about at 22. Once I realized that math is the poetry of reason, I just loved it.

I like to cook, rock climb, do programming, read, pet my dog, play soccer, and be skeptical of cultural assumptions. I went to DePaul University, in Chicago, where I majored in math, physics, philosophy, and English.

I hope to be a teacher for all my life.

Steven Dickherber has taught at Nathan Hale High School for the last three years and plans to continue for several more.

He is passionate about making Hale better more than anything else.

He just set up a desktop at his house with a TV as a monitor, so when he isn’t teaching he enjoys playing video games to nerdy to list here.

He tried working out with Thomas but only made it for two weeks – which is why he will always have spaghetti noodles for arms.

Devante Williams was born and raised in south Louisiana, in a close-knit town outside of Baton Rouge.

He attended Loyola University New Orleans, a small Jesuit university.

This is his first year teaching Algebra at Hale.

He is a lover of gumbo, red beans, and jambalaya- all Louisiana favorites.

In his spare time, he enjoy hikes at Turkey Mountain overlooking the Arkansas "River."

Michaele Kastler graduated from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas with a degree in Mathematics. She received her master’s in Educational Leadership from PSU in 2002.

This is her first year at Hale High School. She has lived in Oklahoma most of her life.

She is married, has two grown children and two grandchildren. She is the oldest member of the math team! She loves teaching math and at times gets way to excited to do math every day!

Katie Mackey teaches Algebra I in the Special Education Department. Katie is from Columbus, Ohio. She is a graduate of THE Ohio State University where she majored in Math and Language Arts Education. After teaching Pre-Kindergarten and working as a para in a high school ED classroom, she joined Teach for America and moved to Tulsa. Besides teaching, Katie enjoys snorkeling, horseback riding, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Kat Stock: I am from Central Pennsylvania. I went to Temple University

and graduated in 2014. This is my first year teaching and I currently teach

Algebra 1. I have two dogs that I love to take hiking different places

around Tulsa, open to suggestions.

Wishing You A Happy February Birthday!

Ken Evans - 1st
Katerina Stock- 1st
Katherine Wakefield- 13th

Attendance Data for the Week of February 1, 2016