Kindergarten News

January 27, 2017

Learning Intentions

Writing Workshop

As writers we can edit and share our favorite narrative story.

Our Writing Celebration

Mrs. Drayton's 5th graders met us in the mini theater on Thursday to help us celebrate our growth as writers/authors. Our students read their stories to 5th grade friends. Afterwards, we celebrated with juice and cookies.

Reading Workshop

As readers we can read more challenging books by using our super powers and looking for patterns.

Literacy Workstations

Math Workshop

As mathematicians we can solve addition problems by writing and illustrating the equations.


As Ichthyologists, we can name facts about fish.


Mrs. Beckman, along with her intern, Miss Ward, taught our guidance lesson on Friday about how to deal with "angry energy". After their lesson, students drew a picture of what they would do if they had "angry energy" (examples included counting to ten, taking a deep breathe, going for a walk, etc.).
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Learning Celebration

Mrs. Creech's first grade class hosted our Learning Celebration on Friday. They taught us about shadows and shared their dreams as related to Martin Luther King, Jr.
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