Catching Fire

connecting catching fire triology to greek mythology

About Catching Fire.

After the 74th Hunger Games ended in the rebellious act of there being two victors, (Katniss and Peeta) it sent the country of Panem and its 12 districts into a full blown rebellion, calling for a Hunger Games of all victors to prove that even the strongest aren't as strong as the Capitol .


I made the connection of Catching Fires Katniss and greek mythologys Perseus


I connected Katniss to Perseus based on many things, being archetypal heroes which includes using special weapons, and going on quests.

Both Katniss and Perseus went on quests, Perseus went to the under world and survived, Katniss survived the hunger games, an equally challenging feat, but this couldn't have been done with out eithers special weapons katniss's bow and Perseus winged shoes or invisibility helmet.