4K A.M. Class

Red Smith

September 10, 2015

Next Week...

  • Monday (9/14) Picture Day
  • Monday (9/14) Bring decorated paper teddy bear back to 4K
  • We will start learning some Zoophonics friends-a note is being sent home, in folders, with more information
  • Wednesdays will be 4K library days...next week we will have a story read to us by Mrs. Kline. We will not be bringing a book home quite yet.

Paper Soup

We learned how to hold a scissors and practiced cutting paper into small pieces. Then we added our pieces together and stirred. We made colorful paper soup!
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We can read.

I showed the children how to read pictures. They do such a nice job looking at books!
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Try this...

If your child is having a challenging time with writing their name...

  • Make them a name tag so they have a visual to look at.
  • Write their name with a yellow highlighter and have them trace it.
  • Write their name with pencil and have them paint over it.
  • Play with play-dough and form their name. Then have them trace over the letters with their finger and name each letter.
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