Scientist Timeline

Alena Oglesby

Abraham Ortelius

Abraham Ortelius studied Greek,Latin, and Mathematics. He also created the first world atlas in 1570. Abraham's work is important because without him we wouldn't have or know what an atlas is.The source that I found this from is

James Hutton

James Hutton thought that the Earth is mountains there being formed by Earth is ground in 1760.He was also the founder of modern geology. His work was important because without geology and everything that he founded we would just be freaked out by what was happening to the weather or something. My sources were found from
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Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener's Theory was that he first spoke about the continental drift he proposed the mechanism of sea spreading floor. His evidence to support his theory was that in January of 1912 he got the idea , he noticed the matching coastline. Alfred Wegener's work was important because now we clearly understand how continental drift works. He was a meteorologist before he became a geologist. My sources are
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Harry Hess

Harry Hess's theory was that the sea floor was spreading from vents in rift where hot magma oozed up. The evidence supporting his theory was that the sea floor started spreading. Harry Hess's discovery was important because it accounted for United several separate puzzles in mar-me logic. My sources were found from
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Dan McKenzie

Dan Mackenzie's theory was that the earth's crust is moving causing continental drift. His supporting information for his theory was the mantle analysis. His discovery was important because if we didn't know what continental drift is we wouldn't know what to expect when the continents separated.My sources were found from http://www.eeducation.psu.edu520content/12_pal:html
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