Light Music and Arts Academy

Welcome to our school!!

The Significance of the name of our School.

The "Light" part in the name to help students realize that our programs lead them to success, thus leading them to the "light".

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is not to discriminate nor leave any student out. We'll encourage participation and offer extra help to students who need it. Every student would be encouraged to have at least one art or music class, also wanting them to be independent learners.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision for our school is to provide the education to our students as efficiently and on various subjects, specializing in arts and music.


Every hour and a half, the bell rings to signal that class is ending. There are six bells. We go by block schedule, which is a system that has a class all year. There will be A/B blocks , providing the numerous classes you can take after your academic studies. Our school year will be the traditional schedule, meaning your child will have breaks in between school.

Our Focus and Purpose

We focus on helping the students reach their full potential. Why we made this school is to bring in students who have a passion or enjoy doing art or music.


We are located in San Diego, California. It's in the United States. We are located here because we are closer to music industries since California is the place where artists/musicians start off.

Additional Information About Our School

Our school mascot is the gray wolf. That's because they are independent and smart. They also work together, and our school would be like that.

Our school colors are black and green, the black symbolizing for power and elegance. The green stands for growth.

We have Golden Coral every Tuesday's and Friday's.